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In this information pack you will find content that spells out my qualifications and experience. As a minister I can study, produce and present effective bible studies for churches and groups.

As a minister I have twenty-seven years of ministry experience as a leader, teacher and facilitator.

Fifteen years of sermon preparation, writing editing and presenting bible studies and small group materials.

As a direct response copywriter I can assist organizations and ministries that help the less fortunate.

My experience in writing stretches for more than twenty five years in the form of lessons, sermons, articles, training materials and of course my own book “Marriage of Honor” published last year. With recent copywriter training from AWAI, I am in a position to produce content that can have a lasting effect on organizational and ministry outcomes.

I can write and have been trained to write blog post, e-mails, case studies, newsletters, special reports and speeches to name a few. With my experience and training I can complete projects based on both the purpose of the organization and the desired outcome of the project.

My qualifications as a copywriter:

            Completed the AWAI accelerated copywriting program

            Wrote the book “Marriage of Honor” published by Outskirts Press

            Wrote various articles for

            Wrote workplace training schedules

            Co-wrote a four hour workplace training program called POND

            Wrote articles for a workplace newsletter called POND Principles

            Wrote articles for an employee generated newsletter called Transit 4 Christ

Character References - What others say about me.

This is a compilation of references from clients, ministry partners, friends, and family

From Megan at Foothill Family Shelter in Upland California
Richard assisted Foothill Family Shelter in developing a compelling story to share with our community. He interviewed a shelter resident and engaged with her so she was comfortable telling her story. He listened, interpreted and then sent several drafts for review until it was perfected. We feel this document will help tell the story of a successful client, but also demonstrate the good work Foothill Family Shelter does and the impact we have on families. Thank you, Richard!

Hi Richard, regarding your strengths I would say the following:

1. You have a servants heart 2). You are trustworthy/faithful

3. You are able to teach and mentor people about God and Marriage

4. You have leadership skills 5). You are creative 6). You are likable and relatable. 

7. You have a good sense of humor.  From Sheni Ogunmola

You bring light to those who may still be in darkness in their marriage.   from Mike Attaway

John Davis said: Hi Richard, I think you are an amazing listener. You show empathy and take an interest in each person. You make people feel like they have added value to you. God bless

Hi Richard, I know one thing! You take care of your wife better than anybody else in the world. Besides me and how I take care of my wife! Ha! Your dedication to the married couples ministry at CCO has been inspiring. The way that you enjoy serving is uncommon. It's always fun to engage you in conversation, and you have a good mannerism when it comes to listening. You'd be a good person to follow as it's obvious that you follow Christ in your everyday life. I'm happy to be friends with you, and I'm honored that you would ask me my opinion. God bless you and your ventures. May the God of our salvation give you favor in all that you do. Sincerely Martin Jobe

Rene Espinosa Said: Brother, your strengths are many, but, I believe your greatest strength is your ability to communicate.  You seem to know what you are going to say before you say it. For those of us who speak and then think, your approach to communicating with others is an awesome thing my friend.  You also have a calmness about you that puts those around you at peace and causes a relaxed atmosphere that is contagious.  I also happen to believe that you would be a natural for teaching although I've never heard you teach.  But I'm sure these things you know my friend.  Hope this helps. God bless.

Sandy Delgado said: Hi Richard, throughout the years that I have been married to Carlos, when we see each other at family events and I talk to you during these gatherings I see that you're always committed to your faith. I believe this is your strength.  The way I see it is if you always think of your actions as a way of glorifying  our heavenly Father, then it follows that you will also  treat everyone (including your business associates and staff) fairly and justly when business decisions are made. You will always think of what is better not only for the business but also for your human capital. For me this matters very much. Good luck and I'm sure that things will be good for you. Sandy

Frank Delgado said: Your strengths are communicating with people.  You can get up in front of a crowd and speak with clarity and conviction. Great Public Speaker

Richard, you have the ability to draw people in and get them to listen.  You are a very charismatic person who makes friends easily and makes people love being around you. Your energy is contagious. I'm sure there is more.  I will think about this some more and get back to you with anything I want to add. Sandra Monarrez

Joe Quinonez said: Absolutely! You are better than anyone I know at being positive almost every time I see you. You are steadfast. You walk the walk and not just talk the talk. The same is true for Rosemary. I try to be more like you to walk the walk. 

Biography – (About Me Short Story)

In the Garage

Growing up in City Terrace, a middle class neighborhood of Los Angeles, Richard watched his father demonstrate a strong work ethic day in and day out. As an accomplished upholsterer his father left for work each day at 7:30 and returned at 4:30 each afternoon. He did side work in his garage and used his craft to masterfully create and re-create living and dining room furniture for his customers. Early on he taught his kids the value and importance of hard work.

At a young age Richard was assigned the humble task of sweeping floors and picking up dis-guarded coverings, padding, staples and nails. One of his jobs was to take big sheets of foam rubber and manually cut into a thousand small pieces to be used for stuffing of pillows and cushions. Just a few years later his father purchased an upholstery shop in Pasadena, California where he and his brothers were able to use many of the skills they were taught as young men.

Attention to detail and delivering a skillfully completed product or service were all learning opportunities to develop valuable skills. These were abilities that he could take with him into his work life with the goal of providing clients a finished product full of integrity and value.

Skills of Ministry

In His late twenties Richard began to find his way. He married Rosemary who also had a traditional upbringing and began to build a life together. Within a couple of years they moved away from the San Gabriel Valley and purchased their first home in Ontario, California. Around the same time they both began their spiritual journey as they sat under an exceptional teaching minister.

As biblical principles took root and ministry opportunities presented themselves their involvement in church activities grew. Of course being part of a growing ministry meant that soon leadership opportunities would open up. Coaching athletic teams, leading small groups, and teaching discipleship classes were some of the areas where they led. Though untrained in small group dynamics it became clear that God was leading in this direction. They quickly learned to take steps of faith as they ventured out into unknown territory armed only with prayer, the word of God and His divine power. It proved to be more than enough strength for them as the Lords providence kept them and sustained them in these positions of leadership.

Richard tells the story of how ten years later one guest teacher at a midweek study made the statement that if you have been sitting in this church for more than a couple years you now know enough and are able to be a teacher yourself.

That statement drove Richard to further develop his skills and begin writing and presenting bible studies on Tuesday nights back in the San Gabriel Valley. That opportunity began a new chapter in his life and it set the tone for other leadership and teaching opportunities. After seventeen years in that one ministry it became clear that the Lord was calling them to another church nearby. In that fellowship the training and leadership skills developed were all applicable to the current day ministry and business possibilities.

Handling Truth

With the privilege of writing and presenting biblical truth comes the responsibility to research and rightly divide the text that you are presenting. Richard knows that understanding the proper context of each portion of scripture is vital in establishing legitimate application. That is when doing the research and covering the project in prayer makes the difference. Reading a few commentaries and checking the impact that the original language provides powerful points in building a strong message. Additional research then needs to be done to find modern day and everyday connections. Putting it all together is part of the privilege. As you look back and see where you started then edit and fine tune each section of the message you begin to see the form of a bible study that can reach your audience. For more than fifteen years Richard has been able to experience the joy of building a message from scratch. Research is a step by step point by point process of putting together golden nuggets to present a message that achieves the goal you set out to accomplish in the beginning. 


I recently worked on a letter for Foothill Family Shelter in Upland California. Here is a portion of that letter...

Proven Program Delivers Hope for Moms in Need

Helping someone move out of terrible circumstances is something we all crave to do.

That is what Jessica desperately needed. Life was good and moving in the right direction. They had four great kids (and one on the way), good jobs, a nice home and a promising future. Then within a matter of months everything changed.

Medical problems for Jessica created terrible conditions for her family. They lost their unborn child and a good life turned dismal…

Lending a helping hand could give us the satisfaction of knowing that I was a tool used to provide a new direction for victims of circumstance.

You can help because often these victims with some help can rebuild a normal life for themselves and their children.

Providing Transitional Housing

With the help of donors like you, Foothill Family Shelter is able to provide a way of escape. Through their transitional housing program, they were able to provide Jessica and her four children a safe place to live where they could begin to pick-up the pieces of a shattered life…

You see, medical problems plagued Jessica and her husband and after a series of procedures and surgeries they lost their first baby girl. This tragedy was simply overwhelming and difficult for any family to bear.

The result was deep depression a complete loss of income and separation of the family...

Since 1984 Foothill Family Shelter has provided shelter to homeless families with children. Through their various programs they have given families the tools needed to rebuild their lives.

With each step they can begin to re-create a dynamic atmosphere for their children…

Unbearable Depression

Jessica and her four kids had lost everything. They had to deal with living with relatives in difficult conditions and even sleeping in their van at times. Eventually even the van was lost.

The kids were shaken by this turmoil and their school performance suffered. They had hit bottom…

Your gift of $100 could help a family just like Jessica’s by giving them a safe place to stay for four months. Then they could have an opportunity to move into the one year program.

The Foothill Family Shelter 120-day program provides each family with a furnished two-bedroom apartment with no charge for rent or utilities. This program is the first program available to individual families willing to work on rebuilding their lives.

Residents in the program are required to save a minimum of 50% of their income in a trust account. They also must engage in wraparound services like case management, therapy and employment assistance that can help them develop an independent life.

Enabling Families to Start Over

Foothill Family Shelter helps families to start over with hope and peace of mind.

That is exactly what happened to Jessica and her family. Since being accepted into the 120 day program they now have a stable environment from which to rebuild their lives. “They were really happy because they didn’t have a place of their own” said Jessica. The support staff “helped me tremendously … like recharging the battery” she said.

She found work and began to save money. Her relatives were able to help in some areas because they saw “I was coming out of the dark” Jessica said.

Fast forward a couple of months her confidence grew, more programs became available and she was able to set higher goals and get a better job.

Making Up Lost Ground

Though the kids had lost ground in school, they were better able to respect teachers and those in authority. Now they are performing above grade level having made up where they fell behind…

According to Jessica the wraparound services are very valuable “coming from a really bad position I have so much gratitude for the case management” … “They keep you on point and on task”… Jessica and her family have now been invited to participate in the one year program at Foothill Family Shelter.

That is why helping families bounce back from a difficult situation is so important today. You can help by giving to a program that helps people that want to help themselves...

Articles have appeared on - OCTA Operations newsletter or employee newsletter Transit 4 Christ. Articles are either 400-500 word column or they are short devotional study adapted from full bible studies.

Juror Number Two

Recently I fulfilled my civic duty by reporting to jury service. After a few days I was selected to be juror number two and I was excited to participate. Unfortunately the case ended prematurely in a mistrial and I was quickly on my way back to normal. The process, as I see it is very interesting. As I sat and watched both sides work the system for their clients, I was intrigued at how any one of us in the courtroom could have influenced the process according to our best interest.

If I wanted to serve on this panel I could simply be low key and not appear to have anything in my background that might raise a red flag for either the plaintiff or the defense. Conversely if I wanted to be excused I could perhaps exaggerate a little or become emotional as I answered questions. The way you answer the questions can either keep you in the process or it can get you dismissed quickly. In the jury selection process the words that you use could be used against you if it seems to indicate that you are leaning toward one side or the other. After a few days of watching the selection process I was struck with an interesting parallel. I wondered about the communication process in marriage. In a similar way I could see how we could foster a position in our relationship based on the words that we use and the tone that we deliver those words.

As in jury selection if I want to serve my spouse and be available to listen and support, I can use impartial words and exercise patience as I speak. Those words and that tone would speak volumes about my intentions. On the other hand if we have no interest in creating an environment of connection we might exaggerate or become emotional so that we can be excused from participating.

In marriage, we can foster strong communication or we can struggle through haphazardly without clear direction. Knowing specifically what you wish to accomplish can help determine your course of action. Either you want to proceed with a humble spirit seeking to improve connection or you want to fight through each discussion selfishly making sure that your point of view is prominent. We can try to have a good balance of openness and impartiality or we can try to manipulate the outcome with the intent to avoid engagement. In jury service we can be a part of a process that brings citizens together to participate in the justice system. In marriage we can work together to create an environment of good connection, mutual service and strength in marriage. Article appears on

Confidence not Conceit

Day in and day out we perform our assigned task of providing a service and delivering a tangible result. We establish disciplined routines that help us work around the obstacles and hurdles that we face. But often we fail to stop and consider the level of confidence that we demonstrate as we complete our daily assignments. We should take the time to recognize the confidence that we exhibit as professionals. For some of us confidence can come shortly after the training experience. For others it may take a few cycles through the system before we can have a sense of confidence. Confidence can be defined as the quality of being certain of your abilities. It stresses faith in oneself and one’s powers’ without any suggestion of conceit or arrogance.

Professionals make mistakes and they learn from those mistakes. Those valuable lessons mixed with repetitive persistence greatly contribute to our level of confidence. It reminds me of the tourist who asked a cab driver in New York City how to get to Carnegie Hall. The cab driver responded with the words practice, practice, practice. The cab driver made no reference to the streets that the tourist needed to cross to get there; rather he spoke of a discipline necessary to perform on stage at one of the greatest concert halls in all of America.

There is a line in the movie Seabiscuit where the owner, played by Jeff Bridges introduces the famous horse to a crowd of well-wishers and ascribes the quality of perseverance to this accomplished horse. He says “you all are here today because this is a horse who won’t give up even when life beats him by a nose everyone loses a couple and you either pack up and go home or you keep on fighting.” This movie chronicles how three individuals came together with a horse and formed a winning team in spite of the difficult circumstances that they individually faced. The point of course is that we also have to learn and grow and become part of an exceptional team.

We’ve practiced our routine we’ve learned from our mistakes and built a level of confidence that has enabled us to produce outstanding results. We should recognize this level of confidence and the professionalism that we have attained. We continue to operate at this level as we deal with both internal and external customers. We should use this and other qualities as we pursue personal growth and continued confidence without any suggestion of conceit or arrogance.                 Richard Quinonez Article appeared in POND Principles column of OCTA Newsletter 

Reach Out

Recently I went out with a team of Orange County and Inland area church groups to the hurricane devastated city of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. In the mist of complete destruction and tragedy stood a camp offering warm food, warm fellowship and hope for the future. The City of Bay St. Louis Mississippi has given use of a baseball field for one year to the Costa Mesa Based Calvary Chapel. Groups from La Habra, Huntington Beach, Chino, San Diego, Placerville, and throughout the nation are sending volunteers to Mississippi for hurricane relief and outreach. Each day three thousand meals are prepared and served to those in the area that are in need of life’s basic necessities. Teams are also sent into the community to help residents clean and remove possessions that were completely destroyed. Water damaged furniture, appliances clothing and construction material all had to be removed and placed on the curb for local and federal clean-up crews to clear.

In Bay St. Louis Beach Boulevard is a narrow street stretching up and down the Gulf Coast where beautiful 19th century Colonial style homes once stood.  The wide spread devastation was felt inland for miles and thousand of families remain homeless living only in tents and FEMA authorized trailers. It is very refreshing to know that local neighbors from many Orange County cities are there on the Mississippi Coast offering hope for the future when visually there is none.

Though many of us may never have a chance to go and participate in hurricane relief efforts we all may have opportunities to assist those who are in need of help and hungry for hope. As we approach this Christmas season perhaps we should all consider what we can give, where we can give, and how we can give to those less fortunate. During this giving season do what you can to reach out and touch someone.       Richard Quinonez

Article appeared in the POND Principles column of OCTA Operations Newsletter 2005

The Magnificat

There is a part of the Christmas story that has meant a lot to me over the years because it is a great example of what God can do with a life that is willing to be used. In Luke chapter 1 we know that the Angel Gabriel appeared before Mary and said:

Luke 1:28

"Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!"

Then he said in Luke 1:30-33

30) Then the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.

31) And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name JESUS.

32) He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David.

33) And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end."

The angel also went on to tell Mary that her cousin Elizabeth had also conceived a son and at this time was six months pregnant. So Mary had decided to quickly go visit her cousin in the hill country of Judea. As she entered the house of Zacharias the scriptures says that:

Luke 1:41-45

41) And it happened, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, that the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

42) Then she spoke out with a loud voice and said, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!

Elizabeth was carrying in her womb John the Baptist. Elizabeth was filled with joy because she sensed that God was going to use her cousin to begin a great work that would change the world forever.

Elizabeth was excited, the baby in her womb was excited and Mary was excited. Mary’s response to what Elizabeth just said is what is called the Magnificant and it shows us how much Mary loved God and was willing to be an instrument for Him.

Luke 1:46-55

46) And Mary said:

"My soul magnifies the Lord

47) And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

48) For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant; For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.

49) For He who is mighty has done great things for me, And holy is His name.

50) And His mercy is on those who fear Him From generation to generation.

51) He has shown strength with His arm; He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.

52) He has put down the mighty from their thrones, And exalted the lowly.

53) He has filled the hungry with good things, And the rich He has sent away empty.

54) He has helped His servant Israel, In remembrance of His mercy,

55) As He spoke to our fathers, To Abraham and to his seed forever." 

Mary was a woman who was ready to be used by God. She rejoiced at what God was doing and she recognized God’s power to do great things. That is what Christmas is all about. It’s about remembering what God has done. He sent His only Son into the world to dwell among us and to die on the cross that our sins might be forgiven. That is why we give gifts to each other because God has given us the greatest gift of all.

Christmas should never be about our possessions or the ability to acquire them. It should always be a remembrance of what God has done on our behalf. As we consider His goodness and His grace we should do as Mary did. She recognized that she needed a savior and realized that the mighty hand of God was upon His people.

Article appeared in Transit 4 Christ Employee Newsletter of 2008

What Is Truth? 

Socrates was widely credited with laying the foundation for Western philosophy. Plato, a student of Socrates committed his teachers thought to paper. Aristotle a student of Plato, committed his teachers thoughts to a practical everyday use. Alexander the Great, a student of Aristotle took his teachers thoughts and conquered the known world. Each of these men were credited with birthing and perpetuating a certain philosophy or worldview. Every one of us has been influenced by one or a number of persons that expressed their thoughts and viewpoints on the issues of life. The way it is said or the way it is penned gets our attention and begins to influence our personal worldview.

When compared with biblical wisdom the philosophy of man can be very limited. Culture, circumstance, experience, opinion, history and scholarship are some of what is available to establish viewpoint. Where the carnal man fails is in his attempt to define truth in terms apart from the creator of the universe and His written word.

“What is Truth?” is a question that Pontius Pilate asked Jesus in the judgment hall long ago. After the illegal and unjust trial that Jesus had on the night that He was betrayed, He was taken to Pilate where He has a conversation with him. Pilate does everything that he can to get out of taking any action against Jesus. He would rather pass Him on to Herod or the Jews to deal with. Nothing works so in the eighteenth chapter of John’s gospel in verse 33-37 we find that Pilate is asking Jesus questions that only Jesus can answer.

John 18:37 Pilate then said to Him, Are you a king then? Jesus answered, You say it that I am a king. To this end I was born, and for this cause I came into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.

John 18:38 Pilate said to Him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews and said to them, I find no fault in him.

In verse 37 He explains why He was born and why He came into the world. He says that it was to bear witness to the truth. He didn’t say that He came to declare His power nor to assemble armies nor to suppress nations in battle. He says here that He came to present truth to mankind, and to show that by His truth great things could happen.

Jesus is not denying His Kingship, what He is doing is describing the nature of His Kingdom. His Kingdom is complete and wholly based upon truth. He says here that all truth loving people, all of those that have been captivated by the love of Christ by the goodness of God, by the life giving power of the gospel of Jesus Christ will hear his voice and seek His mercy, grace, and direction in life. He hasn’t forced Himself on anybody, but by His love He has convinced and convicted us of our need for a Savior.

Even today people respond just as Pilate did refusing to wait around for the answer from the One who could answer. His question here is uttered with contempt as if to say that no person has truth completely figured out. Pilate chose not to wait for an answer from the source of all truth, Jesus Christ himself, who said for this cause I came into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth.

Earlier in chapter 16 Jesus speaks truth to His disciples in the Upper Room as He shares with them the necessity for Him to depart from this earth. He says that until that happens He would not be able to send The Spirit of Truth whom He would send to lead and to guide them. He was telling them that He would ask the Father to give to them another comforter the Spirit of Truth who would abide with them forever. When He first told them of the Spirit of Truth He said the world could not receive Him because they could not see Him nor know Him. For the believer, The Spirit of Truth dwells with you and shall be in you, forever.

John 16:13 However, when He, the Spirit of Truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth. For He shall not speak of Himself, but whatever He hears, He shall speak. And He will announce to you things to come.

The Spirit of Truth then is sent to lead and guide us into all truth. He is sent to direct our steps, to lead us to open doors or away from closed ones. He is sent to empower us to do the things that He wants us to accomplish. He is sent to guide us toward the things that are profitable in the Kingdom of heaven and away from the things that are not.

The declaration then is that Jesus came to speak of the truth and to send the Spirit of Truth to direct believers to hear the voice of God.

Article appeared in Transit 4 Christ Employee Newsletter of OCTA 2009

More articles and devotional bible studies available upon request….

My Writing System and Procedures - How I Write 

1) Contact and Communications Policies

Clients can contact me at my e-mail address of  or on my website at or call @ 909 241-9527

As we work together, it is important that we have efficient communication I am available via e-mail or voicemail. I will always respond in a timely manner.

2) Discussing the Project and Questionnaire

            The initial visit will be set outlining the how/when/where of the meeting

Discuss the initial questionnaire: Discovery or Creative

A questionnaire will be sent to clearly define the scope of the project and to ensure maximum results.

            Discuss the design and purpose

            Discuss the time and return requirements

            Discuss review and analysis of questionnaire

            Creation of short project roadmap 3-10 days after questionnaire

The Launch call a 20 minute call to discuss the Project Roadmap

            The project roadmap results in a draft agreement

3) Investment and Launch details

            Discuss investment totals and beginning date

            Discuss project deadlines and terms

            Discuss payment and deposit (50% bank wire or overnight payment)

            Sign agreement and begin project

4) Research

            Begin complete review of client website and materials

            Research client market/niche product samples and resources

            Research success stories and/or team members (internal/external)

            Interview department heads and past customers as needed

            Research goal: understand core emotional drivers …

5) Collaboration

            The design is to coordinate and collaborate w/client during project

            Client preferences with regard to level of contact before first draft

            Client point of contact to communicate with other team members

6) Review of First Drafts

            First draft generally 10-14 business days depending on size and scope

            Client review of first draft 4-5 business days

            Verification of general tone, message and offer is appropriate

            Second draft is to fine tune and make corrections

7) Revisions

            The goal in the revision part of the process is effective completion

            Client will likely want some changes

Changes will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission

            Adjustments will be made within 2-4 days based on complexity of changes

            If client changes are not advised I will offer direct feedback

8) Additional Reviews

            Multiple reviews are expected and part of the refinement process

            In most cases additional changes can happen quickly

            Final copy can be achieved with 1-4 business days

9) Final Approval

            Final draft will be submitted after revisions are completed

            Approval of final copy should come in an email stating ready for distribution

            After final approval client will receive invoice for remaining 50%

            Invoice is due upon receipt

            Final copy can be sent to a designer for formatting

            Send me a PDF of final version

            Collaboration will continue as needed to make final version effective

10) Transition and New projects

            Complimentary follow-up occurs after completion of project

            Included in discussion is where improvements can be made

            Ideas can come from questionnaire and discussion on ways to grow business