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The Lord is faithful to provide and guide us in all things and in all places. For Rosemary and I we have experience Gods hand upon every season of our lives. In recent years the Lord has directed us toward new ventures and ministry opportunities. First the book from which this website is named after, was published last year and the process of getting exposure continues. After months of challenge in this area I felt the Lord bring into my life the world of copywriting. At first it didn't seem right to take my eyes off of marketing the book then it became clear that the Lord was providing a new challenge that fit perfectly with all the different writing opportunities that I have been involved with in the last fifteen years.

From writing a workplace training schedule 1997 to co-writing a four hour workplace training program four years in a row. That program led to articles for different newsletters all the while producing bible studies for different groups for more than seven years. I continue to write messages and articles as needed for this website and for marriage ministry gatherings. My thought for much of this time was that sooner or later the Lord might call us to the pastorate ... the Lord had other plans ... We continue to serve in ministry now with a renewed enthusiasm as we watch His providence work in our lives.

Watching the past contribute to the future is an amazing turn of events for us. Writing has always been a interesting challenge. Starting from scratch and building content that delivers a message that builds-up and challenges the recipient is always a beautiful development. Now as a trained copywriter I have learned to take my previous experience and create content that helps clients to reach their desired outcomes more effectively. We move forward in this new season seeking to use our gifts and talents to serve people and to reach out with a message of hope and liberty in Gods plan for life.


We are Richard and Rosemary Quinonez and together we started Marriage of Honor Ministries. This ministry exist as an extension of how The Lord has used us in ministry for many years. For much of the last fourteen years we have been serving in our church as leaders in marriage ministry. Our desire is to show couples that they can experience many blessings when they make a committment to follow Gods plan for marriage.

We have come a long way from having a marriage that was mediorce at best but is now one that is filled with closeness support and fulfillment. Our marriage is not perfect and it never will be but it has moved away from the days when we lacked connection and felt frustration.

In His providence God has clearly led us to this point in our lives and He has taught us that our marriage is a reflection of our walk with Christ. As a result we are reminded that there is work to be done in both relationships.

We seek to do the work of ministry for marriage delivering the message that Gods plan for marriage is a powerful remedy to the many issues and excuses that get in the way of a healthy marriage. Our message is that every couple can improve and strengthen their marriage for the benefit of the whole family.

Now, our desire is to extend and proclaim this message of hope and renewal that is available to every husband and wife. Through the book Marriage of Honor we will teach biblical principals and practical ideas that can strengthen and enhance every marriage.

After twenty nine years of marriage we are excited to move forward in Gods direction for ministry.

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Richard and Rosemary Quinonez

Marriage of Honor Ministries