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Marriage of Honor exist to point couples to the biblical standard for marriage. We believe that marriage is honorable and that the plan found in scripture provides clear direction as to how we should love cherish and honor one another in marriage.

In the marital relationship there are four basic areas where challenge exist. They are:

Faith - Connection - Intimacy - Finances

How we navigate through the challenges that we face determines the success and vitality of our relationships. We believe that using biblical guidance is the best and most effective way to build a marriage that is open supportive and fulfilling...

The Book Marriage of Honor is now Available!

In this book I challenge husbands to learn what it means to live with and to honor your wife. Their marriage should have a strength and a beauty that shows that their relationship is growing and being built upon a foundation of solid biblical principles. I challenge wives to understand that placing their husbands in a position that encourages him to lead and make decisions in life and marriage helps him to become a better husband, father, and leader.

Our desire is to get this book out into more marriages to help them grow into all that the Lord has for them. We are seeking opportunities that enable us to reach husbands and wives everywhere. We are available to bring the book and a presentation to events and services where marriage and family issues are discussed.

We believe that marriage works but marriage takes work and the beautiful thing is that God honors the extra effort that we put into our marriages. Scripture tells us that "...He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him" so we need to be diligent and we need to make our marriages Christ centered.

Richard Quinonez is available to speak at your church, seminar, or weekend workshop/retreat. You can contact us at marriageofhonor@verizon.net

Thank You

Richard and Rosemary Quinonez
Marriage of Honor Ministries

Marriage is Honorable

Hebrews 13:4

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